Crazy Miniature Golf Course – Backyard Game for Father’s Day


Not only will kids love creating this mini-golf course they will also love playing it with dad. Use boxes and tubes, blocks and toys to create a nine-hole golf course. The kids can also decorate the boxes with paint and stickers. With this type of mini-golf course it is best to use a ping-pong ball as the golf ball. Set up the course in the backyard.

Before taking Dad outside to play golf let the kids pick out his best “golf” clothes. Have Dad dress up in their outfit. If the kids want they can also dress up. Give each person a ping-pong ball and provide some permanent markers so that everyone can decorate their own ball. Then give everyone their golf clubs (you can use little plastic ones or PVC pipe) and head outside to have some golfing fun.

To play the game strokes count as points. If you give up on a hole it is 25 points. At each hole if a player gets it in the hold in under 15 strokes they get some kind of small prize like a piece of candy. Once everyone is done playing add up points and see how each person did.

Once the game is over though you can still have some golfing fun. Use the golf clubs to make homemade “kick the can” ice cream. Here is the recipe:

Mix 1 package instant pudding with 2 quarts whole milk, 2 cans sweetened condensed milk, and 1 cup sugar. Put as much of mixture as you can in 1 pound coffee can. Be sure to leave about an inch of space at the top. Put lid on can. It is a good idea to also seal the can with duct tape over the lid. Put can in larger 3 pound coffee can. Put ice and rock salt in the larger can around the smaller can. Place lid on larger can and again seal with duct tape. This recipe will fill about three 1 pound coffee cans. Take turns “golfing” with the can. The mixture should be ice cream in about forty-five minutes of rolling and kicking.

Now everyone can enjoy their homemade ice cream. Provide items to put on the ice cream such as chocolate, small candies, nuts, cool whip, fruit and cherries.