Mixed-Up Father’s Day Dinner

This fun idea will make this Father’s Day dinner very memorable. Make up this menu for Dad’s dinner:


Fishing Poles

Main Dish:

Swimming Hole
Snow Covered Hilltop


Striped Tie Tumbler

Side Dishes:

Baseball Salad
Golf Tees


Cherry Red Mustang

Dad gets to choose!

Tell Dad that he is allowed to choose one item from each category. He doesn’t know what the items really are, but you do:

Fishing Poles- Celery sticks, carrot sticks and dip
Dumbbells-Hot Dog and cheese slices on toothpicks
Swimming Hole-Dad’s favorite soup
Snow Covered Hilltop-Spaghetti topped with Mozzarella Cheese
Gasoline-Root Beer
Striped Tie Tumbler-a layered shake such as chocolate and vanilla
Baseball Salad-watermelon, cantaloupe and honeydew pieces shaped like spheres
Golf Tees-Green Beans
Cherry Red Mustang-Red Velvet Cake
Boats-Ice Cream Sundaes

After Dad has made his selection the waiter or waitress (one of the kids) can present his dinner. Have everyone else participate too. If Dad is up for seconds he can find out what the other items on the menu are.



King for the Day – Pamper Dad on Father’s Day


Make your Dad feel like a king on his special day. Every dad has his own likes and dislikes, so each Dad’s day will be different, but here are some good ideas for things you could do for your Dad.

• Start his morning off with a hearty breakfast. It can be a breakfast in bed or you can serve him in his favorite room. Be sure that his “Royal breakfast” is accompanied with a crown especially made for him by the kids.

• Does Dad need some time to relax? Give him some nice manly smelling bath salts or bubble bath, his favorite magazines or a book he has been trying to finish and let him soak in the tub.

• If Dad isn’t the type to soak in the tub, give him a certificate for a message at a nearby spa.

• During the afternoon provide Dad with a certificate or the money to go to his favorite spot. He can go play golf, go fishing, or wherever. While he is gone bake him his favorite cookies. You can also arrange to have small gifts given to him or hidden where his is going. It doesn’t have to be anything big or fancy, but you can hide notes and pictures from the kids in his golf bag, his favorite candy in his car and so on.

• Set up a hammock or lawn chair in the backyard, and treat Dad with a nice cold drink, fresh fruit and some soothing music.

• While Dad is resting or enjoying his outing take care of chores you know he hates to do. Like mowing the lawn, organizing the garage or washing the cars. You can also do other special things for Dad like shine his shoes.

• For dinner treat Dad to his favorite foods. You can even turn it into a picnic.

• During the evening let Dad go to a movie he has wanted to see with Mom, or take him to the video rental store and let him pick all the movies. Pop popcorn, get Dad his favorite drink and fill small bags with candy to create the movie going experience in your own house.

• Get Dad a new pair of pajamas and leave them on his bed to find.