Personalized Mail/ Document Holder

Here’s a terrific Rainy Day indoor activity for your Father’s Day project.

Items you will need:

Two sturdy plastic or paper dinner-quality plates per person
stickers, sequins and/or glitter
single-hole punch
colorful yarn or ribbon

How to:

Start by setting the mood, put on some fun music your whole family can enjoy.

Make sure that the table or surface you are using is cleared to begin your craft. Take two dinner plates each. Cut one exactly in half, attaching it to the other plate by stapling the edges together.

Decorate the plates with stickers, sequins or glitter. Or you can cut images out of Dad’s favorite magazines or use recent family photos, and glue them onto the plates.

Once the mail holder has dried, punch a whole at the sides of the mail holder and tie a piece of yarn or ribbon to each side. This way, his mail can hang on a dresser or desktop, handy but out of the way.

Your very own personalized mail/holder can now help you organize your dresser or home office, and remind you of a fun afternoon spent with your family.

Don’t forget to clean up the table afterwards and put away any unused craft items for next time!