Pine Cone Bird Feeder


If Dad likes outdoor crafts, here’s a project that will last all year round.

Items you will need:

old newspapers
one medium-sized pine cone for each person doing the craft
a couple of jars of generic peanut butter
two butter knives
unsalted sunflower seeds or bird seed (can be found in the pet food aisle of your local grocery store)
colorful yarn or ribbon

905513 / Pixabay

How to:

First, spread the newspapers over a picnic table, setting up a work area for every person participating in the craft. Take your pine cone and slather it with peanut butter (using a butter knife.) Make sure to smash the peanut butter down into the open sides of the pine cone.

Next, spread the sunflower seeds out over the newspapers and roll your pine cone in the seeds firmly, but without smashing them.

Finish your bird feeder by taking a length of colored yarn or ribbon, and tie it to the top of the pine cone. Then attach the other end of the ribbon to a low hanging tree branch in your yard.

Don’t forget to clean up the table afterwards and put away any unused craft items for next time!

Remember to watch the yard, as your feeder will attract many animals. Observe nature, as the birds and squirrels come around to enjoy your colorful pine cone feeder.