Picnic Games for Father’s Day


Picnics are a wonderful way to show Dad you love him. Invite friends and family, add a few games that everyone can play and your family will have a day filled with fun memories. Here are a few ideas of simple games to play.

Shave Like Dad

Provide Whipped Cream and craft sticks. Line the Dads up in chairs and give them plastic garbage sacks with a hole cut in the top to protect their clothes. Have a child stand next to each dad. Now have a shaving race. The kids have to put on the whipped cream and “shave” their dads with the craft sticks. This game can be played as many times as needed. Don’t forget to take some pictures too.

HoliHo / Pixabay

What Is Daddy’s Job?

Before the picnic, talk to all of the kids and ask them what their dad does at work. Write the each answer down on a separate piece of paper. Then tape them to one of the picnic tables or on a wall. Let the Dads read through them and then try and guess which one is their child’s answer. At the end of the picnic be sure that Dad takes his child’s answer home.

Footprint Detectives

While at the barbeque have each of the children remove a shoe and sock. Then with paint make a footprint on a piece of paper. Write each child’s name on the paper then cover it. When the footprints have dried hang up the footprints and see if Dad can I.D. his kids feet.

Yard Care Relay Race

Have the kids line up with their Dads. Explain that this relay race is all about what Dad does to take care of the yard. First have the kids do a wheelbarrow race using Dad as the wheelbarrow. At one end have a pot, potting soil and flower; the kids with Dad’s help must plant the flower. Then at the other end have a bucket of water with a sponge in it. The kids must run back to the other side and water the flower. The first person back wins.